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Lynn Ellison,
81st District Judge

Russell Wilson,
218th District Judge

Jennifer Poppe,
Court Administrator

Lori Riley
Court Coordinator

Norma Villanueva,
Assistant Court Coordinator

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Below you will find the latest directives for court proceedings in the 81st & 218th Judicial Districts.  Click on the linked title to review directive details.



Request for Civil Hearing By Personal Appearance - issued 5/27/2020

First Directive Reopening Limited Personal Appearance Civil Settings - issued 5/27/2020
Request for Ruling Without Hearing Form - issued 3/26/2020
Directive re Uncontested Divorces Proven by Affidavit - issued 3/19/2020
Self Represented Uncontested Divorce With Children - issued 3/19/2020
Self Represented Uncontested Divorce Without Children - issued 3/19/2020
           Second Notice re Public Access to Video Conference Hearings  - issued 3/27/2020

CRIMINAL MATTERS:  (directives have not changed)

Notice re Public Access to Video Conference Hearings - issued 3/26/2020
First Directive for Criminal Defendants on Bond in District Court - issued 3/19/2020
Acknowledgement of Suspension of Criminal Dockets Due to COVID-19 and Responsibility to Keep Court Informed of Address - issued 3/19/2020

Until further Order no jury trials will be set.  When jury trials resume, notice will be posted at least 60 days before the first jury selection date.



Civil parties, criminal defendants, attorneys, and staff, with COVID-19, a particularized concern that they have been exposed to COVID-19, flu-like symptoms, fever, or coughing, are ORDERED to NOT APPEAR, but notify the Court Coordinator at 830-769-3750, or, for rescheduling.

Attorney Resources

Through this site, attorneys can review current court dates and request setting dates for their cases. Visit the Attorney Section to access the Online Request Form and Instructions, as well as other pertinent information.

This online system is designed to facilitate the setting of court appearances in the most efficient manner for both attorneys and court personnel.

Public Resources

The public can review the Court Calendar to verify dates and times of hearings. Jury Duty information can also be found on the General Information page.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 830-769-3750 or via email at

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